Welcome to Between the Covers, where Sunshine Coast mothers unite to explore the enchanting world of Fantasy Romance books, foster connections, and create lasting memories

Our Community Facebook Group is a vibrant, supportive space where Sunshine Coast mothers connect, share, and celebrate their love for fantasy romance books.

Our fortnightly Bookclub Meetings (AM & PM) offer an engaging and lively evening escape for mothers to discuss our latest book picks and enjoy themed activities.

Our Themed Events bring the magic of our favorite fantasy worlds to life with grand celebrations, immersive decorations, and exciting entertainment. 

We dive into the captivating realms of Fantasy Romance, exploring enchanting stories filled with rich world-building, swoon-worthy romance, and thrilling adventures.

Events and Gatherings

At Between the Covers, we host enchanting events and gatherings that celebrate our love for fantasy romance books. Join us for lively book club nights, themed celebrations, and our supportive Community Facebook Group, where we create magical experiences and foster connections among mothers who share a passion for reading.

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